Making Quality Fireplaces For 175 Years: Jøtul

We all know that Europe is known for its cold climate. That is why most of the houses across the continent have their fireplaces so that during the cold weather, they have something to warmth off their body. With this, Norway is known for the best fireplaces manufacturer in the world. Their creativity is priceless even though they collect prices for their products.

One of the most popular manufacturing company in the place is Jotul. It is a Norwegian limited company that manufactures stoves and fireplaces for over 175 years in the service. It becomes popular all over the world since their products are export to different countries. Their company is also known for its unique type of systems. They always explore different fuels for their stoves and fireplaces and discovered so many objects that can be burnt efficiently and others that can save money.

The company imports almost 9,000 woods stoves from their parent company to be able to sell it around the North America. They employ almost 75 people and sells 17,000 woods and stoves, fireplaces, etc. around North America per year. It is considered the most dominant company who has cast iron player in the country.

Being popular in the business industry is such a big achievement. But without the efforts and hard works of the owner and the executive officers, the company won’t be as popular as what it is now. They are known for its stoves from cast iron since 1853. This is an item that endures high temperatures and rapid changes in temperature. The material used for their stoves is the same as what the car engine uses, the cast iron. Therefore, the company is known for its best service to the people. Until now, they are trying their best so that they will have something new and attracted to offer to their customers.

Heat Pumps: They’re Not Exactly What They Sound Like

Have you ever heard of heat pumps?

Well, you may imagine something that pump heat, right? That is both right and wrong. Heat pumps are not how exactly as it sounds, heat pumps keep the temperature in your house comfortable as you need.  A heat pump (varmepumpe) works in a way that it utilizes the outside temperature in order to keep the temperature in your house preferable.

How do heat pumps work exactly?

  1. These are machineries that absorb heat from another location and transfer it inside your house.
  2. It can also function as an air conditioner. This machine can keep your house cool in the summer.
  3. This machine can keep your house warm in the winter by utilizing the temperature outside your house thus it does not need to utilize its own heat therefore saving energy.

What are the benefits of choosing heat pumps versus installing an air-conditioning system?

  1. This is more convenient that air-conditioning – as heat pumps have dual uses this machine is more convenient that using an air-conditioner as it can also keep your house warm other than keeping your house cold. Further heat pumps are generally easy to use and can be used at your convenience anytime. Plus this saves you from learning to operate two different machines as this machine has two different functions. It will also save your space as it has already two functions there will be no need to install another machine.
  2. This machine saves energy or electric use – because this machine does not generate its own energy it only transfers the heat from the outside it save the energy and electrical use in your eyes.

It saves you the costs – because this saves your electric usage in your house saves you some money in the electrical bill. Further this has dual function thus saving you from buying to different machineries.