How You Can Create Your Own Custom Canvas Prints

You may be ready to create a personal touch on every space you have in your home? Then do your own customized prints. There are canvas photo prints that are textured that make it into a 3-dimensional decor. Tailor it out on any layout design that you prefer. Prints are vibrant and are resistant to fading that gives your art work longevity for years.  One can easily use build-in hangers which can make displaying a breeze too.

What are the framing options?

  • Mounted – the canvas is wrapped around lightweight foam
  • Premium wood – the canvas is wrapped in a sturdy wood frame for added weight and for durability. You can read all about it here.

Tips in the designs and Insights from Experts

  • Use high resolution photos – to get the sharpest printing possible for these canvas prints
  • Keep the image shape in consideration – when choosing the size that is best for this particular project.
  • Preview print – before submitting them for printing to ensure there are no abnormal patches   which can affect the final result.
  • Contemplate having a collage – this can be a fun project is done out from the norm
  • Consider assembling a wall gallery – pictures that are curated into a collection and mounted prints will look gorgeous if placed in a foyer or staircase wall and in the dining room too.

Don’t be concerned over where you can find the right photo. There are countless of customizable selections available in the internet that are already under public domain. So in just minutes you will be able to choose the right pieces that could easily fit those blank spaces. Send them over to your canvas printing company and provide more details then just wait for a couple of days. Once it arrives you can immediately hung them and enjoy the effect after. But don’t stop there consider the other areas around the house too.