What Sizes Of Photos Can Be Turned Into Metal Prints?

The New Trending in Photography Printing – Metal Prints Perfect For Your HD Photos

If you want to display your own photo having that HD quality and head turning vibrant colors, you should try metal printing. This is a new product brought to you by the new technology in photography printing. The canvas of a metal print on your computer screen is awesome enough for your eyes to get full but to give it a chance to be in real canvas, this is a jaw dropping one. 

Let’s first consider the coatings for metal printing. We have two color base coatings: an opaque white and a transparent clear. These two color base coatings will give the true vibes of metal print. It also allows for the high definition viewing of HD metal prints. The quality of the coatings also served as metal photo panels. This is one of the considerations you should take in when it comes in metal print, the quality of the photo panels plus the talent of the print service provider that you chose. 

There are different options for you for the sizes of metal print you want to print but it also will depend on the print service provider that you chose. Generally, you can print on sizes:

• Ratio 1:1
Square Example: 10 x 10
• Ratio 3:4
Digital Camera Example: 12 x 16
• Ratio 2:3
dSLR Digital Camera Example: 16 x 24
• Ratio 1:2
Double Width Example: 10 x 20
• Ratio 1:3
Narrow Panoramic Example: 16 x 48
• Ratio 1:4
Wide Panoramic Example: 18 x 72

Metal prints are easy to avail as printing service providers made it also online. You can send your photos and them and choose a package or deals you want to get, and your metal print is in line being processed. You just have to wait and it will be delivered to you soon. This kind of photo prints are new and will take your worries to get a compatible frame for your print outs because the products are always ready to be hung in your wall if you wish to be wall decor or what.