Can You Get A Great Photo Reproduction When It’s Printed On Metal?

One of the high-end art used in most home decors are in metal prints. These could either be a photograph or an artwork which was printed on metal substrate. This metal printing differs from the traditional photo printing on other medium since the process involves aluminum as the metal. It is through the process of sublimation. But first let us understand how this was done before we try to answer is there is a great photo reproduction when you have it in metal.

What is metal print?

This is the latest trend where printing of photos is done through dye sublimation. Through this is not a new finding since this was discovered in 1957, but they were mostly doing this in other materials like textiles, paper or other fabrics, banners and signage including mugs. It is just in the year 2003 that the technique of creating metal prints was developed. That is when certain dyes were also introduced that are said to provide the best result, however the core process that was involved are basically the same.

First the image is printed in reverse on a sublimation paper using special types of ink. Then it is cut to size, secured on top of the aluminum sheet which are either coated white or without coating and pressed during exposure to high heat. Both heat and pressure turn the ink into gas which then binds with the metal and this is now commonly known as printing photos on metal.

Through this process, it can generate a very vivid reproduction that has amazed many and is now taken as a way of reproducing even the memories of many from their pictures.

Finally Though its reproduction is highly impressive it still is dependent on how original photo was taken, the vividness of the colors will still follow the original picture. So, it is best to choose the more vivid pictures that you want to get in metal prints if you want to get the most of what this process can offer.